The following academic forms can be downloaded, filled out and printed for submission to the Enrolment Services Centre. Submissions can be made by fax, mail, or in person, using the following contact information:

Enrolment Services Centre, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
Room 100, Cox Institute
PO Box 550
Truro, NS  B2N 5E3
Fax: (902) 895-5529

Form - Download
Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture To apply for a Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture please submit this completed form to the Enrolment Services Centre. To be eligible for this certificate you must have completed four eligible organic agriculture credit courses, at least two of which must have been completed at the Faculty of Agriculture. An overall average of 60% in the courses is required.
Request for Letter of Confirmation For letters confirming registration, a PDF confirmation of enrolment can be downloaded from your Dal Online account under the Student Records menu option of Web for Students. If you need to confirm your enrolment for a student loan, study/work permit or entry visa, please submit the Request for a Letter of Confirmation form. See also Grades and Student Records for more information.
Letter of Permission If you intend to take a course at another university for credit transfer to Dalhousie, you must obtain permission from the Registrar in advance. Please submit this completed form for review.  Visit for more information.
Class Add/Drop Form If you wish to withdraw from a course after the deadline to drop a course, you must submit this completed form to the Enrolment Services Centre.  More information is available at Dropping Class
Challenge for Credit Students who have acquired competence in material covered by a Dalhousie course may obtain credit for the course by means of a course challenge.
Transcript Request Visit this link for more information.