The Dalhousie Rams Equestrian Team competes in regional competitions against other Maritime Universities and Colleges in the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League.

2018-2019 Schedule  

Date Location Results
Oct. 28
Owls Ridge, Seaforth, NS
hosted by DAL
DAL AC Team – Grand Champions
Robyn Gillighan 3rd  Open over Fences; 1st Open Flat
Kathryn Wallace 5th Intermediate over Fences
Kaycee Ward 3rd Novice over Fences
Camelia Cyr Ouellette  5th Novice over Fences
Eve Godin 1st Intermediate Flat
Tori McLean 6th Novice Flat
Cailin Lake 2nd Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter
Bridget Kenny 1st Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter
Lauren Parr 6th Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter
Taygan Fancy 6th Walk/Trot
Nov. 4 Creekside Equestrian Centre, Antigonish
hosted by STFX

AIEL Competition (2nd of the season) hosted by ST FX and held at Creekside Stables

DAL AC Riders finished the day as Reserve Champions

Individual Results include:
Robyn Gillighan 1st Open over Fences
Kathryn Wallace 5th Internediate over Fences
Kaycee Ward  6th Novice over Fences
Shannon Kelley 4th Open Flat
Ziel Jones 5th Open Flat
Eve Godin 2nd Intermediate Flat
Tori  McLean 3rd Novice Flat
Hannah Facey 4th Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter
Cailin Lake 2nd Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter
Bridget Kenny 1st Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter
Taygan  Fancy 1st Walk/Trot     

Nov. 25
Rohan Wood Stables, Aylesford, NS
hosted by Acadia
DAL AC finished the day as Grand Champions!

Individual Results:
Robyn Gillighan Open over Fences 2nd
Kathryn Wallace Intermediate over Fences
Camelia Cyr Ouellette Novice over Fences       
Kaycee WardNovice over Fences 1st
Shannon Kelley Open Flat 4th
Ziel Jones Open Flat                           
Eve GodinIntermediate Flat2nd
Tori McLeanNovice Flat 6th
Cailin Lake Advanced W/T/C 2nd
Hannah Facey Advanced W/T/C            
Bridget Kenny Beginner  W/T/C 1st
Taygan FancyW/T2nd
Jan. 20 Todd Hill Farm
Enfield, NS
hosted by DAL AC
(storm date Jan. 27)
Jan. 27
Todd Hill Farm
Enfield, NS
hosted by DAL AC
DAL AC RAMS finished 3rd
Feb. 10 Owls Ridge
Seaforth, NS
hosted by DAL Halifax

AIEL Competition hosted by Dalhousie at Owls Ridge

DAL AC Rams  -  Reserve Champions

Robyn Gillighan- 1st Fences
Camelia Ouelette – 4th Fences
Kaycee Ward  - 6th Fences
Shannon Kelley – 3rd Flat
Eve Godin – 1st Flat
Tori MacLean – 4th Flat
Hannah Facey – 1st W,T,C
Bridget Kenny – 6th W,T,C
Taygan Fancy – 2nd W,T,C


2018-19 Roster


front left to right:  Cailin Lake, Tori McLean, Eve Godin, Kaycee Ward, Coach Sarah Fifield

back left to right:  Kathryn Wallace, Camelia Cyr Ouellette, Robyn Gillighan, Shannon Kelley, Bridget Kenny, Ziel Jones, Lauren Parr, Taygan Fancy, Hannah Facey

Back row: left-right Camelia Cyr Ouellette, Kathryn Wallace, Robyn Gillighan, Shannon Kelley, Eve Godin, Lauren Parr, Sarah Fifield (Coach), Tori McLean, Bridget Kenny, Cailin Lake, Taygan Fancy
Front row: left-right Zoe Fournier, Hannah Facey, Kaycee Ward
Missing: Ziel Jones 


Roster 2018-19
Head Coach:  Sarah Fifield
Lessons Coach:  Chris Perry

Hannah Facey 3 B.Sc. An.Sc. Advanced WTC New Glasgow, NS
Taygan Fancy 1 B.Sc. Pre Vet Walk/Trot Caledonia, NS
Zoe Fournier 4 Bio Vet Walk/Trot Bathurst, NB
Robyn Gillighan 1 Vet Tech Open Over Fences   Elmsdale, NS
Eve Godin 4 B.Sc. Biovet Intermediate Under Saddle Caraquet, NB
Ziel Jones   "Red shirt" Halifax, NS
Shannon Kelley 1 Bio Vet Open Under Saddle Hammonds Plains, NS
Bridget Kenny 2 B.Sc. An.Sc. Beginner WTC St. John's, NL
Cailin Lake 1 Bio Vet Beginner WTC Williamswood, NS
Tori McLean 1 Bio Vet Novice Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
Camelia Cyr Ouellette 1 Vet Tech Novice Quispamsis, NB
Lauren Parr 1 Pre Vet "Red shirt" Cole Harbour, NS
Kathryn Wallace 1 B.Sc. Pre Vet Intermediate Over Fences   Lower Sackville, NS
Kaycee Ward 1 B.Sc. An.Sc. Novice Middleton, NS

2017-18 Roster

Alissa McLean, Hannah Facey, Maddie Deveau, Karell Hebert, Annie Lovett, Eve Godin, Rebecca Lumax, Kaelee Keddy, Katie Hess, Ziel Jones, Bridget Kenny, Shyanne White

First name
Last Name
Position Hometown
Ville de provenance
Maddie Deveau 1 B.Sc. Biovet   Middle Sackville, NS
Hannah Facey 2 B.Sc. Agr. Advanced New Glasgow, NS
Eve Godin 3 B.Sc. Biovet   Caraquet, NB
Karell Hebert 4 B.Sc. An.Sc. Walk Trot Bathurst, NB
Katie Hess 1 B.Sc. Ag. Bus. Beginner Sackville, NB
Ziel Jones 1 B.Sc. Pre-Vet   Halifax, NS
Kaelee Keddy 1 B.Sc. Pl. Sc.   Kingston, NS
Bridget Kenny 1 B.Sc. An.Sc. Walk Trot St. John's, NL
Annie Lovett 1 B.Sc. Pre-Vet   Calgary, AB
Rebecca Lumax 4 B.Sc. An.Sc. Advanced Dutch Settlement, NS
Alissa MacLean 1 B.Sc. Pre-Vet   Eastern Passage, NS
Shyanne White 1 DBM Equine   Hampstead, NB


2016-17 ROSTER 

back l-r  Rebecca MacSwain, Andrea Hamilton, Hannah Facey, Anika Hennig, Jessical McNutt-Wells (Coach), Brooke Abram, Danielle Mayich, Rebecca Lumax
front l-r  Eve Godin, Katie McQueen, Emily Sutherland, Katelynn Jackson

Name Class Hometown Year/Program
Katelynn Jackson Open Fences Bracebridge, ON
2/B. Tech. Bus. Management
Brooke Abram Open Flat Vancouver, B.C. 1/B.Tech. Equine Studies
Anika Hennig Intermediate Fences Vernon, BC
Rebecca MacSwain Intermediate Flat Morell, PE
3/B.Sc. Ag. Bus.
Katie McQueen Nov. Fences Burlington, PE
4/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Andrea Hamilton Nov. Flat
Lwr. Onslow, NS
6/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Rebecca Lumax Advanced Dutch Settlement, NS
4/B.Sc. Pre-Vet
Emily Sutherland
Advanced River John, NS
4/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Eve Godin Beginner   1/B.Sc.
Hannah Facey Beginner New Glasgow, NS
1/B.Sc. Agri.
Danielle Mayich Walk Trot
Halifax, NS
3/B.Sc. An.Sc.

2016-17 Team and Individual Pictures


2nd Semester 2015-16 pictures
2nd Semester

Front left to right:  Haley Greenbank, Rebecca MacSwain, Katie McQueen, Reina Fennell
Back left to right:  Kayla Watton, Katelyn Jackson, Angelique Dewaard, Lindsay Scott, Rebecca Lumax, Eric Pace

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