The Agricultural Campus has a long winning history in woodsmen sports. Each February, we host the final Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association competition in Truro. More than 20 teams from Canada and the northeastern United States compete for one of the most prestigious titles in Canadian University Lumberjacking.

Coach: Geoff Larkin
Assistant Coaches:  Ryan MacIntyre
Assistant Coach:  Melanie Porter

2018-19 Schedule

Competition Results
Sat., Oct. 13

Men's A - 1st
Men's B - 5th
Women's A - 1st
Women's B - 5th

DAL AC Athlete of the Week
Oct. 9-14   Kyle Corsten

Sat., Nov. 3 @ SSFC

Men's A - 1st
Men's B - 4th
Women's A - 3rd
Women's B - 6th

DAL AC Athletes of the Week
Nov. 5-11
Mike MacDonald
Rachael Bekkers


Sat., Jan. 26 @ Macdonald
Women's A - 1st
Women's B - 6th
Men's A - 1st
Men's B - 6th
Sat., Feb. 9 @ DAL AC


Mike MacDonald - ECHO Challenge Winner

Rachael Bekkers and Kyle Corsten - CILA MVP's

DAL AC Men's A and Women's A
Rick Russell Champions
CILA Champions (highest team points in 3 of 4 CILA Competitions)

DAL AC Men's B - 4th,
Women's B - 6th - Rick Russell Competition

DAL AC Men's B and Women's B - 5th CILA

2018-19 Roster

  Hometown Year/Program
Jacob TerBeek St. Peters, PE 3/B.Sc. Ag. Bus.
Kyle Corsten Antigonish, NS 3/B.Sc. Ag B
Daniel McCallum Miramichi, NB 3/B.Sc. Ag B
James Colpitts Sussex, NB 3/B.Sc. Pl.Sc.
Thian Carman Digby, NS 2/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Michael MacDonald Antigonish, NS
2/B.Sc. Ag. Bus.
Parker Sanford Toronto, ON 1/B.Sc. Pre Vet
David   George Windsor, NS
2/DBM Dairy
Colton Cleveland Upper Stewiacke, NS 2/DBM Dairy
Spencer Acton Sackville, NB 2/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Logan Ashworth Anfield, NB
Jordan   Bauchman Falmouth, NS
1/B.Sc. Agri.
Zach Lloyd Sackville, NB
1/B.Tech. LS
Mike Yeh Truro, NS
1/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Rachael Bekkers Antigonish, NS 4/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Megan Wynn Belmont, NS 4/B.Sc. Pre Vet
Marissa Albright Burtts Corner, NB 2/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Nellie Wood Clyde River, PE 2/B.Sc. Env.Sc.
Ellen Davis Port Elgin, NB
4/B.Sc. An.Sc.
Kaelee Keddy Selfridge Corner, NS 1/D.Tech. Pl.Sc.
Haile MacDonald Valley, NS
1/B.Sc. Bio Vet.
Kate Nason Acton, ON 2/B.Sc. Bio Vet
Ella   Lentz Windsor, NS
3/B.Sc. Pl.Sc.
Hillary Schramm Goderick, ON 3/B.Sc. Pre Vet
Booth Jolicure, NB
1/B.Sc. Pre Vet
Gaby Sabat Mexico City, Mexico 2/B.Sc. Pre Vet
Raeleigh Walker Truro, NS
1/B.Sc. Env.Sc.
Erica Sullivan Newport, NS
1/D.Tech. B. Mgt.


2018-2019 Team Information

2018-19 Men's Team Picture and Player Bios
2018-19 Women's Team Picture and Player Bios

Men's A Teamfront row from left to right: James Colpitts, Jacob Terbeek, Parker Sanford.
Back row left to right: Daniel McCallum, Michael Macdonald, Kyle Corsten (captain) and Thian Carmen

Men's B Team
front row left to right: Colton Cleveland (captain), and Zach Lloyd
Back row from left to right:  Logan Ashworth, David George, Jordan Bachman and Mike Yeh
missing:   Spencer Acton

Women's A Teamfront left to right: Nellie Wood, Ellen Davis and Haile MacDonald
back left to right: Marissa Albright, Kaelee Keddy, Megan Wynn (captain) and Rachael Bekkers

Women's B Team
back left to right:  Ella Lentz, Hillary Schramm, Kate Nasson, Beverly Booth
front left to right:  Raeleigh Walker, Gaby Sabat, Erica Sullivan

2017-18 Men's Team Picture and Player Bios
2017-18 Women's Team Picture and Player Bios


2017-18 Team Pictures

Women's Team 1

left to right:  Marissa Albright, Mel Porter, Hillary Schramm, Ella Lentz, Megan Wynn, Ellen Davis, Rachael Bekkers

Women's Team 2
left to right:  Ila Mae Matheson, Nellie Wood, Gaby Sabat, Seanna Wells, Elish Conners, Kate Nason

Men's Team 1

left-right  Jon Omvlee, Michael MacDonald, Daniel McCallum, Scott Withrow, Jacob TerBeek, Kyle Corsten, Connor Morse

Men's Team 2

left-right:  Ethan Reashore, Spencer Acton, David George, James Colpitts, Thian Carman, Colton Cleveland, Murray Cloements

2016-17 Pictures

Women's Team 1
left to right:  Jessie Swinamer, Melanie Wood, Megan Wynn, Ella Lentz, Kamryn Findlay, Rachael Bekkers

Women's Team 2
left to right:  Jillian Bent, Marcia Melanson, Ellen Davis, Melanie Porter, Emily Simms, Molly Murphy

Men's Team 1
back left to right:  Daniel McCallum, Marco Levac, Kyle Corsten, Jonathan Omvlee
front left to right:  Brad Elliott, Connor Morse, Murray Clements

Men's Team 2
back left to right:  Thomas White, James Colpitts, Scott Withrow, Jordan Bauchman
front left to right:  Ethan Reashore, Gabriel Chambers, Devon Holmes