Improving our stewardship, one step at a time

One person with one solution won’t save the world. A group of people making small changes can have a big impact though. All around the Agricultural Campus people are working towards environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Chartwells, the campus’s food service provider, has gone trayless, substantially reducing its liquid waste.
  • After a massive re-design of the campus print centre, we are now one of only a handful of Forestry Stewardship Council certified printers in Atlantic Canada.
  • The biomass ash by-product generated from the steam plant has been used as a liming material on the university’s agricultural land to raise pH.
  • The amount of CO2 the campus saves by using steam instead of fuel is equivalent to removing approximately 518 cars from the road for one year.
  • The campus provides seasonal and storage crops for consumption at its on-campus dining facility through a two acre, on-site organic demonstration farm: Chef’s Garden.

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