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Helping you nourish your garden and your community

The Garden Box is a place to find credible, science-based garden knowledge in a format that is accessible to anyone who may require this info at any time. Whether you are looking for specific growing requirements of tomatoes or trying to think of an exercise for community garden volunteers, we trust that this site will provide some solutions for you.

You may be interested in growing food for many reasons–for hobby, leisure, or therapy, and of course to provide nourishment for yourself and those you care about. Dal's Agricultural Campus understands the passion involved in food production and has been supporting that passion for over 100 years. Read more About Garden Box and its history.

There are many health, economic and social benefits to “getting your hands dirty.” We are enthusiastic to be able to help those interested in gardening by providing some of the technical knowledge required to get you started in safe, local food production.

We especially want to support the work of those who share their passion with others through Community Gardening.


The Garden Box contains informational factsheets that cover gardening topics from breaking ground to preparing for winter. These factsheets are in PDF format for easy reading and printing.

The Faculty of Agriculture encourages you to share your passion! Also coming soon to the Garden Box are workshop guides for those who would like to teach others about gardening. These guides will provide a step by step approach to running a gardening workshop.

We've also provided a list of useful websites that might help to get you started.

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