Buildings & Facilities


In 1905, the Provincial Farm in Bible Hill merged with the School of Agriculture in Truro and the School of Horticulture in Wolfville and became an Agricultural College with a new main building serving as its headquarters. Today, many more buildings and facilities contribute to the learning experience and to research-centred growth at what is now Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus.

Dalhousie Agricultural Campus Farm

Both research and teaching take place using the state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on learning opportunities found in the campus farm complex.

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Academic Buildings

Our academic buildings feature classrooms, labs, workshops and other learning facilities. 

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Administrative Buildings

Our administrative buildings are home to offices, student services and the largest rural women's organization in Nova Scotia.

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Gardens & Recreation Facilities

From beautiful gardens to rip-roarin' athletics, these spaces serve a wide variety of functions. Learn more about our Gardens.

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Our residence buildings are home to over 460 students during the educational year.

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