Responding to a Disclosure

Purple Folder is your guide to responding when someone share an experience of Sexualized Violence.

As we continue to shift towards a climate on campus that promotes positive consent culture and encourages frank, open, and honest conversations, we recognize that this may bring about difficult, uncomfortable, and heavy conversations. The Purple Folder outlines positive and negative responses, resources and supports that exist on campus and in the community, referral options, and other resources to help you navigate those discussions. Our Sexualized Violence Advisor is available to provide support in answering any questions, debriefing, and follow up.  

Additionally, the Purple Folder has some inserts that may be useful in responding to an experience of sexualized violence in a survivor-centred and trauma-informed manner.

Fostering Safe, Caring, and Non-Judgemental Responses


Support and Resources After Experiencing Sexualized Violence


Reporting to the Sexualized Violence Advisor


Reporting to Police