The Mandate of the Black Faculty & Staff Caucus is:

To serve as a voice for the concerns of the Black communities at Dalhousie University, particularly faculty and staff, by bringing these concerns to the to the Board of Governors, the Senate, senior administration and others as appropriate.

To advise the President regarding matters related to Black faculty, staff and students on campus.

To recognize the historical marginalization of the African Nova Scotian community, and its distinct history.

To support the academic and professional development of Black faculty and staff at Dalhousie University.

To advocate for the recruitment and retention of Black faculty at all ranks and Black staff at all administrative levels to promote equity and to ensure that representation at Dalhousie University is at or above the levels required by the Federal Contractors Program.

To advocate for enhanced curricular offerings reflecting the Black experiences at Dalhousie University, including critical support for the Black Studies minor and the establishment of a Black Studies major and further development of the discipline at Dalhousie.

To work with relevant others at Dalhousie University, including the various bargaining units, to ensure and maintain equitable treatment in promotion, job opportunities, and a work environment that is free of discrimination and racial tensions.


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