Dalhousie University Queer Faculty & Staff Caucus (QFSC)

Vision: Building a Dalhousie University community where people of all sexual orientations and gender identities feel heard, affirmed, valued and respected.

Context: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and 2-spirit (LGBTQ2S) people are often placed in social and work environments where they are unable to express their true sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI).

We, the Queer Faculty & Staff Caucus (QFSC), seek positive change toward a society in which LGBTQ2S people can participate free of negative stereotypes and as equal members of the Dalhousie University community. We seek to promote awareness, educate others, set a positive example for, and provide support to SOGI communities.

The QFSC provides a forum for Dalhousie University faculty and staff with common social justice concerns to serve the university community and to improve the working and learning environments for LGBTQ2S faculty and staff, as well as to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ2S culture at Dalhousie University.

We are: LGBTQ2S faculty and staff members at Dalhousie University referred to as the Queer Faculty & Staff Caucus (QFSC). The Queer Faculty Caucus (QFC) was originally formed in 2017 to promote equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice for faculty at Dalhousie University. As of March 22, 2019, the QFC includes staff issues (now known as the QFSC) and seeks to increase awareness and action on the issues facing LGBTQ2S populations as well as provide networking opportunities for LGBTQ2S faculty and staff. Toward this end, the QFSC hosts awareness-raising events, educational brown bag lunches and social events for and with our Dalhousie University communities. 

Terms of Reference:

  • We create safe spaces to discuss and address LGBTQ2S equity, diversity and inclusion issues on campus;
  • We facilitate community-building events;
  • We listen to the needs of the LGBTQ2S communities and advocate for change at Dalhousie University; 
  • We develop partnerships with Dalhousie University departments and organizations to ensure LGBTQ2S representation; 
  • We support Dalhousie University’s commitment to diversity and its efforts to achieve a truly inclusive workplace.
  • We support Dalhousie University's policy of employment equity, particularly in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, in advocating for a welcoming and diverse academic working environment.