Human Rights and Equity Conference

Our 3rd Annual Human Rights and Equity Conference - 2023

The Office of Equity & Inclusion (OEI) is proud to host our annual Human Rights and Equity Conference on March 21st - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year, our conference theme will be The Role of Curriculum in Combating Racism.

If you missed our panel event it was recorded and is now available to watch on Dalhousie University's YouTube Channel and via the below link:


Thank you to our Panel Contributors:

  1. Dr. Isaac Saney (Dal) – Panel member
  2. Dr. Derrick Brooms (University of Tennessee, USA) – Panel member
  3. Dr. Barrington Walker (Wilfred Laurier) – Panel member
  4. Dr. Raghav Sampangi (Dal) – Panelist
  5. Dr. Brent Young (Dal) - Panelist
  6. FASS Dean Jenifer Andrews (Cal) – Discussant
  7. Drs. Barbara Hamilton-Hinch & Theresa Rajack-Talley – Moderators



Previous themes include: Learning from the Past to Build for the Future: Challenging Discrimination from the Global to Local (2020) and From Community to Campus: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Justice (2021).