Community‑Specific Spaces

Emerging from discussions between Human Rights & Equity Services (HRES) and various campus stakeholders, these community-specific spaces aim to increase awareness of support services for equity-deserving students, faculty and staff, and strengthen educational programming for all campus community members.

The Collaborative+ is a place for campus community members involved in 2SLGBTQ+ related work to create communities of support and to build personal and organizational capacity to influence 2SLGBTQ+ positive shifts in the campus climate. 

The Name Change Working Group seeks to identify the key issues impacting students, faculty, and staff around name changes (legal or otherwise) at Dalhousie. We are working to ensure alignment between various university systems and the technology that drives them, policies, procedures, and the culture of Dal.

Sister 2 Sister (S2S) provides a culturally responsive and inclusive space for racialized and Indigenous women and girls to share, inspire, grow and celebrate one another. S2S takes an anti-oppressive, feminist and intersectional approach to our workshops and events. We draw on concepts of decolonization and Afrocentrism in our workshop development and delivery.


Have a look through the different organizations that make up this group and see which of them suit your needs and interests.

If you have any question or concerns, we'd love to hear form you! Email