January 23rd until April 3rd, 2019

*Excluding study break

Please contact our office to register and for more information ( or 902-494-6672).


Week One - Effects of Sexual Assault
Week Two - Fear and Anger
Week Three – Sadness and Grief
Week Four – Shame, Guilt and Self-Blame
Week Five – Managing Triggers and Flashbacks
Week Six - Healthy Coping and Self-Care
Week Seven - Self-Esteem, Boundaries and Assertiveness
Week Eight - Intimacy, Sexuality and Body Image
Week Nine - Resilience, Hope and Empowerment
Week Ten - Social Connections and Support Systems

The Winter 2019 group will be facilitated as one hour discussion circles. Our time together in group will focus on helping each other understand the impacts we may experience as the result of assault as well as how we may respond to those impacts. PEGaSUS believes strongly in bringing survivors of all genders together safely in community with others, we hope that participants will feel able to share areas that they have found challenging in their healing as well as identify and celebrate their strengths.



Different from a purely self-help or purely therapeutic group, this psycho-educational group is co-facilitated by experts in the field of sexual violence support and response.
PEGaSUS offers…
• a supportive space open to all genders of students who have experienced adult sexual assault
• a safe space to connect with others through mutual support and group education
• an opportunity to recognize your strengths, build resilience, and work towards self empowerment


"I was worried about coming to group, but as soon as I came I felt welcomed and understood, without even having to say anything."

"Being part of a group has provided me with the change to open up about my assault and learn how to heal. I feel like I am learning how to live again alongside my lovely ladies."

"Talking, connecting, hurting, and healing with others who understand and are on the same journey."

"I have had the privilege to learn from - and heal with - an extrodinary group of young women. Moving forward I will carry their strength with me."

"Group therapy has been an important system for me and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet people who have shared my experiences."