Hiring for Diversity

Good hiring practices
support Employment Equity and help Dalhousie achieve our employment equity goals by increasing the diversity of our workforce.

Dalhousie has a strong commitment to increasing representation and correcting historic disadvantage by ensuring opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Our Employment Equity Policy states Dalhousie's commitment to employment equity and wishes to institute active measures to eliminate discrimination and to reverse the historic under-representation of Indigenous peoples (especially Mi’kmaq), members of racialized minority groups (especially historic African Nova Scotians), persons with disabilities, women and persons belonging to sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI) minority groups within its workforce

Principles for Fair Consideration of Hiring of Designated Groups

Dalhousie adopted these principles in 2000 underscoring the University’s commitment to increasing the representation of designated groups in our faculty and staff.   

Recruitment and selection must be free from discrimination on the following prohibited grounds or characteristics:

  •  age
  •  race
  •  colour
  •  religion
  •  creed
  •  sex (includes pregnancy, gender identity and gender expression)
  •  sexual orientation
  •  gender identity
  •  physical disability or mental disability
  •  an irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease
  •  ethnic, national or aboriginal origin
  •  family status
  •  marital status
  •  source of income
  •  political belief, affiliation or activity
  •  that individual's association with another individual or class of individuals having characteristics referred to above