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Human Rights + Discrimination

Human Rights & Equity Services provides confidential Advisory service to members of the Dalhousie Community seeking advice & support.

Accommodation Policy (employees)
Statement of Prohibited Discrimination
Employment Equity Policy

Sexual Violence

Including Intimate Partner Violence (Can be physical, psychological, emotional, sexual violence by an intimate partner.)

Talk to our Advisor (Sexual Violence) to learn about remedial solutions available to you if you experience sexually harassing behaviour or assault.  

Sexual Violence Support & Response Infographic [PDF - 23KB]
Sexual Harassment Policy

Equity + Inclusion

Dalhousie is strengthened in our diversity, in being a respectful and inclusive gathering place of ideas.
Learn about the University's Census campaign - Be Counted.

African Heritage Month Poster

Training + Education

Our Education Advisor coordinates and promotes various campaigns and events on campus, including:

We provide workshops and education on topics such as:


To request a workshop please fill out our Educational Programs Request Form.


Harassment Prevention + Conflict Management

Speak to our Advisor (Personal Harassment/ Conflict) to discuss conflict resolution options, support, and coaching available to you.

Personal Harassment Policy

Complaint of Hazing can also be reported to Human Rights & Equity Services.

Hazing Policy