Processing Documents for Financial Services


Please use the Dalhousie University forms for all transactions dated before and after September 1st, 2012 as these documents are required to be processed by Dalhousie University now. Unfortunately, we are unable to process the old Nova Scotia Government forms as they may not capture the information required for processing.
You can find most forms on the Financial Services website.

Please note: There are 5 forms that are not electronic

Cheque Requisition, Journal Entry, Deposit Advise and Student Aid

These paper forms can be obtained by contacting the Print Centre, Agricultural Campus at or (902) 893-4737 to place orders. Please provide the Print Centre with the form name you require, the quantity of forms you need and where to send the forms.

Purchase Requisition form

This form can be obtained through Financial Services in Cumming Hall.

Please refer to the Financial Services website for assistance in completing the various forms.


  • Prior to sending any documents please convert to the new Dalhousie Account numbers for all transactions dated before and after September 1, 2012
  • When indicating the account number please put the departmental/research account “FUND/ORGN” first and the expense account second.
  • If there was a previous NS government PO number please includes the PO number on the document with the account number when authorizing the invoice. 
  • Please indicate directly on the invoice the FUND/ORGN, expense account and authorizing signature. Please note: We cannot accept the NS government stamps to approve invoices or other documents.
  • We scan our documents so please use black or blue pens and ink for stamps and a yellow highlighter works well. Unfortunately pink or red pens and blue or green highlighters do not show up well on the scanned documents.


Accounts Payable is located in the Halifax Office. For a complete list of contacts please visit Financial Services website.

If you require further information on process and procedures please contact Cheryl Lord, Manager of Accounts Payable at or (902) 494-1705.