Student Brightspace Questions

Answers to the most common help requests received from students are outlined below.

How to log in to Brightspace?

  • Log in at:
  • Alternatively, you can access Brightspace within your MyDal account or from the Dalhousie homepage at
  • Credentials for login: NetID and password

Late registering for a course?

  • Registered students will be given access to their courses on the first day of classes [unless the instructor has made the course unavailable until a later date]
  • Late registrants: Please allow at least 24 hours (Monday to Friday) for access to courses after registering

Trouble logging in?

If you have forgotten your NetID password, please use the link at:

Help with login and course availability at:

Mobile Devices

Q. Can I use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device?

A: In many cases, yes, and you do not need a special D2L (Brightspace) app. Brightspace is designed to work well in web browsers on tablet and mobile devices.

However, some materials and resources within courses may work better, or only, on desktop or laptop computers. Additionally, for time- and grade-critical activities, we recommend you use a supported desktop web browser and a reliable Internet connection. We strongly recommend that you use a supported browser for critical class activities such as quizzes. Depending upon the design of a particular quiz, you may not be permitted to re-enter or retry the quiz should you discover problems with your non-supported browser after beginning your attempt.

Mobile and Tablet Web Browsers Supported by D2L

Android Android 5.0 0 (Lollipop) or newer Chrome browser
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch) iOS 12.0.1 Safari browser
iOS 11.4.1 Safari browser
Windows 10 Tablets Google® Chrome™ (recommended)
Microsoft® Edge®
Mozilla® Firefox®

What purpose-specific mobile apps are available?