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Adjuncts Professors

The department benefits from collaboration with a number of Adjunct professors and research associates, who contribute substantially to research, honours and graduate student supervision, and advanced classes and workshops. Most of our Adjuncts hold positions at other universities and government institutions in Nova Scotia.

Adjuncts are appointed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the department, normally for a period of 5 years. Details of FGS membership categories and procedures can be found at http://www.dal.ca/faculty/gradstudies/faculty/membership.html. Nominations are considered by the department on a case-by-case basis in the spring of every academic year. Potential nominees must supply an up-to-date c.v., accompanied by a letter to the department explaining the nature of their past, continuing, and/or proposed association with the department and its graduate programs. Please contact the department for further details.

Alan J. Anderson BSc (Univ of Windsor), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Queen’s), St. Francis Xavier University
Sandra Barr BSc (Univ of Windsor), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Queen’s), St. Francis Xavier University
David Brown BSc, Honours (Dalhousie) Canada-NS Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB)
John Calder BSc (SMU), PhD (Dalhousie)
Calvin Campbell BSc Honours (SMU), PhD (Dalhousie)
Thomas Claire BSc (Mount Allison), MSc (Ottawa), PhD (McMaster)
D. Barrie Clarke BSc, MSc (Toronto), PhD (Edinburgh)
Mark Deptuck BSc (St. Mary’s), PhD (Dalhousie), CNSOPB
Jarda Dostal BSc (Charles), PhD (McMaster), Saint Mary’s University
A. Dyke BSc Honours (Carleton), MA, PhD (Univ. of Colorado)
Tim Fedak BA (NSCAD), PhD (Dalhousie)
Rob Fensome BSc, MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Nottingham) GSC Atlantic
Don Forbes BA Honours (Carleton), MA (U of T), PhD (UBC)
M. Fowler BSc Honours (Leicester Univ.), MSc, PhD (Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne)
Christopher Gerbi AB (Amherst College), MS (UC Davis), PhD (Univ of Maine)
Martin Gibling BA (Oxon), PhD (Ottawa)
D. Gibson BA (Colgate Univ.), MSc, PhD (Carleton)
L. Godin BSc, MSc (Univ. du Que a Montreal), PhD (Carleton)
Jacob Hanley BASc, MSc, PhD (Toronto), Saint Mary’s University
Charlotte Keen BSc Honours, MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Cambridge)
Lisa Kellman BA (McMaster), MSc (McGill), PhD (Univ du Quebec à Montreal), St. Francis Xavier University
Yawooz Kettanah BSc (Baghdad Univ), PhD (Southampton Univ, UK)
E. Kirby BA Honours (Hamilton College), MSc (Univ. of New Mexico), PhD (MIT)
Thomas Lakeman BSc First Class Honours (U of A), MSc (Simon Fraser), PhD (U of A)
M. Lavigne BScF (UNB), M. Phil, PhD (Yale)
Keith Louden BA (Oberlin), MEd (Temple), PhD (MIT)
J. Marsh BS (Univ of California, Santa Barbara), MS (San Diego State Univ.), PhD (Univ. of Maine)
Thomas Martell BSc Honours, PhD (dalhousie), Corridor Resources Inc.
Michael Melchin MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Western), St. Francis Xavier University
Daivd Mosher BSc (Acadia), MSc (Memorial), PhD (Dalhousie), GSC Atlantic
Peta J. Mudie BSc (Cape Town), BSc (Leicester), PhD (Dalhousie)
Prasanta Mukhopadhyay (Muki) BSc, MSc, PhD (Jadavpur Univ), Global Geoenergy Research Limited
J. E. Mungall BSc (Univ of Waterloo), MSc, PhD (McGill), University of Toronto
J. Brenden Murphy BSc (Dublin), MSc (Acadia), PhD (McGill), St. Francis Xavier University
F. Neuweiler  
Michael Parsons BSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Stanford), GSC Atlantic
Georgia Pe-Piper Saint Mary's University
David J. W. Piper BA (Hons) (St. Catharine’s Col, Cantab), MA (Cantab), PhD (Darwin Col, Cantab), GSC Atlantic
P. Pufhal BSc (Honours), MSc, PhD, Acadia University
F. W. Richards  
David Risk BSc, (Toronto), MSc (St. FX), PhD (Dalhousie), St. Francis Xavier University
C. S. J. Shaw BSc Honours (Univ of London), MSc, PhD (UWO)
Ricardo Ferreira Louro Silva BSc in Geology: Coimbra University, Earth Sciences Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Coimbra, Portugal
PhD in Geology,Summa cum laude, Coimbra University, Coimbra, Portugal
John Shimeld ., BApplied Sci (Waterloo), MSc (Dalhousie), GSC Atlantic
D. W. Simpson BSc Honours, MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Australian National University)
Scott Swinden BSc (Dalhousie), MSc, PhD (Memorial), NS Department of Natural Resources, retired
Hasley Vincent BSc (University of West Indies), MSc (Imperial College), PhD (Dalhousie)
John Waldron BA (Cambridge), PhD (Edinburgh), University of Alberta
C. Warren BA (Oxford), MSc (Univ College London), DPhil (Oxford)
Timothy Webster BSc (UNB), MSc (Acadia), PhD (Dalhousie), COGS, Lawrencetown, NS
D. M. Whipp BSc, PhD (Univ of Michigan)
B. Wilson BSc Honours (Univ College of Whales), MSc, PhD (Univ of Whales), The University of West Indies
Marcos Zentilli BSc (Univ of Chile), PhD (Queen’s)