Other Cheating

Plagiarism is only one type of academic dishonesty. The Academic Calendar also identifies other types of cheating including:

  • falsifying data in reports, theses, dissertations and other presentations
  • attempting to complete, by irregular procedures, any requirements for a class (this may include attempts to cheat)
  • collaborating on an assignment unless specifically allowed by professor
  • providing or obtaining access, without permission, to tests, assignments, essays or term papers
  • writing an examination or test for someone else
  • attempting to obtain or accepting assistance from any other person during an examination or test
  • using or having material in an exam that is not specifically approved by the instructor
  • obtaining a copy of an examination or test, topic for an essay or paper, or other work
  • submitting any work for academic credit when one is not the sole author or creator
  • submitting any work that has been previously accepted for academic credit
  • aiding in the commission of an academic offence by lending another student an assignment knowing that he or she may copy it for submission or allowing another student to copy answers during an examination
  • providing false or misleading information during an investigation of a suspected academic offence