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Senate reports

Senate discipline committee (SDC) annual reports

The Senate Discipline Committee considers all allegations of academic offences that are not resolved by faculty academic integrity officers and all breaches of the Code of Student Conduct that are not resolved informally through the Office of the Vice-Provost, Student Affairs. Each year they report to Senate on:

  • The number of allegations and hearings.

  • Outcomes of allegations and hearings.

  • The number of cases in each faculty.

  • Penalties ordered for proven allegations.

Review the reports for each year:

Faculty discipline process reports

The majority of academic integrity allegations are resolved at the faculty level and are not heard by the Senate Discipline Committee. Each year, the vice-chair (student affairs) submits a report to Senate on behalf of the academic integrity officers (AIO) for each faculty. The report includes:

  • The name of the AIO for each faculty.

  • Number of students with proven allegations.

  • Distribution of students with proven allegations by faculty and year of study.

  • Number of allegations referred to the Senate Discipline Committee.

  • Types of allegations.

  • Penalties ordered for proven allegations.

Review the reports for each year:

Faculty discipline process quarterly ratification reports

Under the Faculty Discipline Procedures Concerning Allegations of Academic Offences [PDF - 150KB], a ratification review meeting is held within 14 calendar days of the vice-chair (student affairs) receiving a faculty academic integrity officer (AIO) Assessment and Recommended Penalty which the student has accepted. The vice-chair (student affairs) and a student senator appointed by the Dalhousie Student Union jointly review the finding and agreed penalty to determine whether the process followed is consistent with the Faculty Discipline Procedures [PDF - 150KB]. The vice-chair (student affairs) reports quarterly to Senate on the results of ratification review meetings conducted during the reporting period.

Review the quarterly ratification reports:




Visit the Academic Integrity page to learn more about the Faculty Discipline Process.

Code of student conduct annual reports