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Discipline process and penalties

Whether you are an instructor or a student, accessing this information will help you understand and participate in the discipline process at Dalhousie.

All allegations of an academic offence are considered confidential, and confidentiality must be maintained by those involved in each case when an academic offence is suspected.

Dalhousie’s discipline process: Step-by-step

The information below is a basic summary of the Faculty discipline process. If there are discrepancies between Senate-adopted/approved documents and information posted on this website, the Senate-adopted/approved documents will take precedence.

Instructor suspects an academic integrity offence

The first step occurs when the professor or teaching assistant (TA) suspects that a student has committed an academic offence such as a plagiarized assignment or paper, unauthorized collaboration or cheating on an exam.

Instructor submits a statement to the academic integrity officer

The instructor submits a statement outlining the basis for the allegation, together with all relevant supporting evidence, to the academic integrity officer (AIO) of the faculty in which the class is offered. 

AIO decides if the allegation can proceed

The AIO determines whether or not there is a minimal basis (prima facie case) for the allegation. If there is none, no further steps are taken in relation to the allegation. 

Meeting with AIO

If a prima facie case is established, then in most cases, the AIO will convene a meeting with the student(s), the student(s)’s advisor, if any, and the instructor within 5 working days of the student receiving the allegation. This time may be extended at the request of the student, instructor, or AIO in appropriate circumstances.

AIO decision and penalty

Following the meeting, the AIO decides whether there is sufficient evidence to support the allegation and if so, recommends what they feel is an appropriate penalty (see possible penalties). If not, the student will be advised, and the matter will be closed.  

Student decision

The AIO then provides the student with the option of accepting the finding and the recommended penalty or proceeding to the Senate Discipline Committee for a full hearing. The option is presented to the student within 5 working days of the meeting, and the student has 2 working days to respond.

Guidelines for academic evaluators

Dalhousie’s guidelines for academic evaluators state:

“An alleged first or later breach of any academic standard by a student should never be dealt with by an evaluator, but in all instances, should be referred to the academic integrity officer.”

The guidelines further set out expectations for instructors and evaluators who suspect an academic offence has been committed in their class.

Academic integrity officers

The Senate has delegated its authority to adjudicate all cases of alleged violations of academic standards by students to the Senate Discipline Committee and in limited circumstances, to academic integrity officers (AIOs) as defined by the Faculty Discipline Procedures Concerning Allegations of Academic Offences.

Each faculty at Dal has an AIO who is responsible for hearing cases in their faculty and providing support and advice to instructors on academic integrity matters.

Dr. Nancy Mclean
Assistant professor

James Forren
Assistant professor

Dr. Dawn Brandes
Assistant professor

Dr. Lindsay Dubois
Associate professor (backup AIO)

Dr. Georgia Klein

Dr. Andrew Medeiros 
Professor (back up AIO)

Dr. Christian Blouin
Associate professor

Dr. Alex Brodsky
Senior Instructor

Dr. Yannick Marchand

Dr. Corey DeGagne

Dr. Nauzer Kalyaniwalla

Carla Heggie
Instructor, adjunct (Faculty of Graduate Studies)

Dr. Sachin Seth

Dr. Ted Hubbard

Dr. Valerie Chappe
Associate dean

Dr. Marty Leonard
Dean (back up AIO)

Dr. Kelly Lackie
Assistant professor, School of Nursing

Dr. Nichole Austin
Assistant professor, School of Health Administration

Dr. Sorayyaa Askari
Assistant professor, School of Occupational Therapy

Dr. Marion Brown
Associate Professor, School of Social Work (backup AIO)

Sarah Harding

Dr. Bo Yu (on sabbatical)
Assistant professor

Dr. Dominika Wranik
Associate professor (back up AIO)

Chantelle Falconer
(back up AIO)

Dr. Darrell White

Dr. Ayesha Mushtaq
Associate director, English Language Studies Department

Dr. Jennifer Macdonald
Program director, English Language Studies Dept. (backup AIO)

Sherry Carmont
Educational developer (AIO)

Kate Purcell
Instructor, English Language Studies Department (AIO)

Mindy McCarville

Dr. Claudio Slamovits

Dr. Janusz Borycz

Dr. Roman Smirnov

Ryan Snitynsky

Jennifer Van Dommelen

Ms. Tracy Lenfesty


Form A – Instructor Allegation of Academic Offence

This form is completed by the instructor who suspects an academic offence and submitted to the AIO for their faculty, along with any supporting materials.

Notice of Senate Discipline Appeal Form

This form is completed by a student who is appealing a Senate Discipline Committee decision.