VI. Senate and External Approvals


Proposals for New Programs or Major Modifications  are recommended to the Senate Academic Programs and Reseach Committee (SAPRC) for approval by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Faculty Council or APCC, as per step V.) OR the Undergraduate Academic Programs Subcommittee (UAPSC) [PDF] 

For details on the current review and decision mkaing pracitices of UAPSC and SAPRC, see Assessment of Program Proposals [PDF] 

Senate and External Review and Approval Process

New Programs Program Modifications
UAPSC or FGS Faculty Council recommends to SAPRC UAPSC or FGS-APCC recommends to SAPRC
Senate --
Board of Governors (typically consent agenda) Board of Governors (typically consent agenda) 
Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission 

The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Comission 

Submission to MPHEC occurs automatically (all submissions to the Commission are made through the Office of the Provost) once the final level of Senate approval has been obtained (not including Board of Governors). At this time, you may begin to advertise the new/modified program, including in the Academic Calendar and faculty/departmental website, with a notation reading "pending MPHEC approval." 

Updates and requests for additional information will be communicated to the proposer, the Dean and FGS (graduate programs) promptly by the Academic Quality Assurance Manager. Proposers should be responsive to emails during this time, as the assessment process pauses until requested information is recieved. 

The usual timeline is eight-ten weeks for a decision (of either Stage I approval or notification of Stage II Assessment-see overview of the MPHEC assessment process [PDF] for additional information). Implementation may occur once notice of approval of Stage I or Stage II assessment (which may be conditional) has been recieved.