Graduate student seminar conference

A day of sharing and networking

The Internetworking program hosts a seminar conference for each student cohort. The ability to give an oral presentation or poster presentation in a professional manner is an essential aspect of academic life and, indeed, the ability to present information lucidly and persuasively is an asset in any career choice. The goal of the Seminar Conference is to give our students an opportunity to present a small research initiative in a friendly environment. Each full-day conference is hosted at Dalhousie University each year, during the spring and summer terms of the student’s final year.

All components of the seminar requirement and the Seminar Conference are mandatory for all Internetworking students.

Seminar milestones

  • Research title and abstract submission
  • Progress report and contribution plans
  • Individual student five-minute overview presentations
  • Conference announcement and call for oral presentations
  • Committee oral presentation selection and announcement
  • Poster presentation preparation
  • Internetworking Graduate Student Seminar Conference
  • Conference proceedings

May 27, 2013 Seminar Conference: