Career success

Finding a job in time for graduation

Contacts with potential hiring companies take place annually. Students are responsible for finding their own placement opportunities.


Upon completion of the Master of Engineering Internetworking degree program, graduates will be ready to assume the responsibilities of an internetworking professional. Graduates will be able to analyze, design, implement, monitor, and test internetworking systems; and specify, design, implement and test internetworking algorithms.

Students are encouraged to keep the Program Manager advised of their progress in searching for a placement.

Typical career titles


  • Network engineer
  • Network system sesigner
  • Network administrator
  • Real-time system architect
  • Network system software designer
  • Distributed application designer
  • Application engineer


If you're a former student, please stay in touch with the program manager to inform us of any opportunities you might identify for present and past students of our program. (If you're a former student and your employer is not on our list, please contact us.)

For information on the services and workshops Dalhousie offers, visit the Student Careers and Leadership Development website.

Placement agencies and other resources

Below are the companies that have hired highly qualified people from Dalhousie's Internetworking program: