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B.Sc. and B.A. Double Major or Combined Honours

The double major or combined honours degree programs allow students to combine the study of Environmental Science with another subject. The other subject may be in any discipline from the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Computer Science, the College of Sustainability or Community Design in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning.

The Environmental Science courses focus on the interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues preparing students to analyze environmental problems. The courses from the other major provide another focus of study and a depth of expertise in a potentially related subject.

You should consult both the Environmental Science advisor and an advisor from your other subject when determining the double major or combined honours program requirements.

Some double major options that have attracted students to our program here at Dalhousie include Environmental Science with Sustainability, Biology, Earth Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Marine Biology, International Development Studies, or Community Design.

Double Major in Environmental Science and Community Design

The environment is now a major area of focus in the community planning field. In combining these two areas of study, students examine ways in which people can work towards creating and maintaining healthy and sustainable communities.

Bachelor of Science degree options
Please choose program based on the year you started at Dalhousie
B.Sc. Double Major/Combined Honours [PDF 104KB]

Bachelor of Arts degree options
BA Double Major / Combined Honours in Environmental Science Subject A [PDF 111KB]

BA Major / Honours in Environmental Science [PDF 83KB]

BA Major / Honours in Environmental Science BSc and BA Degree Options with Environment, Sustainability and Society

Refer to BSC and BA double major/ combined honours listed above.

If you started your ESS program before 2015, contact your Academic Advisor for program details.