Black Scholar Initiative Search Research Seminar

Dr Egide Kalisa
Research Scientist
Air Quality Research Division
Environment Canada and Climate Change

Title: Air Pollution in Africa: Creating Healthier Cities for Future

Abstract: Policies to reduce air pollution and protect health have been established in high-income countries. Such policies are, however, non-existent in Africa. My presentation will focus on the current status of air pollution in Africa and policy implications to reduce air pollution exposure in African cities.

Biography: Egide Kalisa is a Research Scientist in Air Quality Research Division at Environment Canada and Climate Change. Dr. Kalisa completed a Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto, and his research focuses on children’s exposure to air pollution in Rwanda and Canada. Before that, he obtained a Ph.D. in Health and Environmental Science from the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and an MSc in Air Pollution Management and Control from the University of Birmingham in the UK. Dr. Kalisa is the recipient of the Emerging Global Leader Award, recognizing the great potential of promising young scientists.



Format: in-person
Milligan Room (8th floor LSC Biology Wing)