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An Honours degree is recommended for students who intend to pursue graduate study in Earth Sciences or a related discipline. It also may benefit strong students whose primary goal is to become a professional geoscientist.

To graduate with Honours, students must take the required classes listed below, meet the GPA requirements, and complete a thesis (ERTH4200.06) in their final year. See “Degree Requirements” section for complete information.

How to apply

Students apply to be an Honours student at the end of their penultimate year (ie. at the close of Winter semester of their third year). Applications are available through the Dalhousie Registrar and should be submitted and discussed with the Earth Science undergraduate advisor at that time. Most potential Honours students also find an honours topic and supervisor during their penultimate year; please contact the Honours coordinator for guidance.

Departmental requirements

For a graphical view of the recommended sequence of required courses for Honours, please consult the Program Flowcharts.  Students seeking P.Geo should also ensure their programme meets P.Geo Knowledge Requirements.


Visit the Calendar for Honours requirements: