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BA/BSc Major

The Earth Science department offers 20 credit BSc and BA degrees. These may be appropriate programmes for students seeking to complete an Earth Science degree as a step to professional programmes in another field (Law, Education, for example); for students seeking to meet the knowledge requirements for P.Geo (those students must also meet the additional P.Geo course requirements); and for those seeking a terminal undergraduate degree.

For a graphical view of the required courses and their sequence, please consult the undergraduate flowcharts.


1000 level

ERTH 1080 and any other 1st year ERTH class; ERTH 1090 recommended or SCIE 1502.21 or SCIE 1504.27 SCIE 1510.33

2000 level

ERTH 2000.015: Earth Sciences Field School
ERTH 2001.03: Earth Materials Science I
ERTH 2002.03: Earth Materials Science II
ERTH 2110.03 (Prerequisite: ERTH 2000.015): Field Methods
ERTH 2203.03: Sediments and Sedimentary Rock
ERTH 2205.03: Introduction to Paleontology

3000 level

ERTH 3000.015: Computing Camp
One half-credit in Earth Sciences above the 1000 level
Four additional credits in Earth Sciences beyond the 2000 level

Other required classes *

MATH 1000.03
MATH 1010.03 or STAT 1060.03
CHEM 1011.03, CHEM 1012.03, or CHEM 1021.03 and CHEM 1022.03

A grade of D in an Earth Sciences class precludes admission to classes for which the class is a prerequisite. Where several classes are listed as prerequisites, and a grade of C- or better was not obtained in all, the instructor’s consent may be the basis for admission. Students must satisfy the Faculty of Science Writing Requirement and Mathematics Requirement.