Student‑Industry Field Trip (SIFT)

The Student Industry Field Trip, fondly known as “SIFT,” is the CSPG’s flagship student program where 3rd year undergrad geology students are introduced to the petroleum industry. Founded in 1978 by Bill Ayrton, the SIFT program was originally a four-day course that has now grown into an intense two-week program, which has been running for 34 years. Every year following the end of the winter school term, one student representative from each Canadian university offering a geosciences or geological engineering degree is brought to Calgary for a comprehensive introduction to the petroleum industry. 

The two-week program, which will begin this year April 28th and run until May 11th, includes a summer employment program (for interested parties), an extensive lecture series, core workshops, field trips, and a petroleum exploration game. SIFT has become successful because of the considerable support received from the petroleum industry and from the CSPG’s Educational Trust Fund each year.  

The students attend a series of lectures given by industry experts on topics key to the petroleum industry, such as well logging/interpretation, carbonate/clastic reservoirs, geophysics, operations, and more.  

Students also participate in core workshop seminars, a four-day Rocky Mountain geological field trip, a Dinosaur Provincial Park field trip and a rig tour.