Departmental History

Dalhousie was established in 1818 and a building for it was begun in 1820, but the College had a number of problems and was closed in 1845. It was reopened in 1863, and has operated since that time. Although classes in mineralogy were taught from the beginning as part of the Chemistry program, Rev. Dr. David Honeyman, the first, but unpaid and part-time, "Professor of Geology, Paleontology and Mineralogy" was not appointed till 1879, when a Department of Science was set up in the College. Geology was then a one-man operation and such it continued to be for 75 years. Obviously there would be many changes during that time, but some traces of the former objectives, educational philosophy, and procedures could still be recognized by students in the department in 1954.

The training of Geologists at Dalhousie
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