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Jan ‑ March 2015

(Excellence and Achievement in Research, Teaching, and Helping)

March 2015


Congratulations to Anne-Marie Ryan, who has won the Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award for 2015.

Thank you to Martin Gibling for successfully shepherding another Honours Class through ERTH 4200.

Thank you also to Martin Gibling for representing the Earth Sciences department at the DSS Science Symposium Faculty Lecture-Off, 24 March.

Graduate Students:

Congratulations to Tony Barresi, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on Monday, 16 March (supervisors J. Dostal and R. Jamieson).

Congratulations to Jocelyn Egan (PhD, supervised by D. Risk, SFX), who was awarded a PGS-D Scholarship from NSERC.

Congratulations to Sarah MacLeod (MSc, supervised by S. Sterling), who won the Graduate Research Award at the recent Science Atlantic Environment Conference at SMU.

Undergraduate Students:

Congratulations to the 2015 IBA team, who tied for fourth place at the recent Imperial Barrel Award competition in Calgary. Team members included: Billy Garrison, Paige Montgomery, Phil Sedore, Stefanie Wenker, and Annabel Causer. Thanks to Grant Wach for organizing the team, as well as Bill Richards, Ricardo Silva, and many others who helped the team prepare for the competition.

Congratulations to Charlie Carlisle, Ken Martyns-Yellowe, Darragh O’Connor and Connor Wentzell, who successfully competed for the opportunity to attend the EAGE (European Association of Geologists and Engineers) Field Competition in Madrid on June 1, 2015.

Congratulations to the 2015 Honours Class (ERTH/OCEA 4200, 4100) for an excellent set of theses that were successfully defended at the Honours Symposium on 28 March. This year’s class includes:

ERTH 4200: Emmaline Atherton, Laura-Ann Broom, Victoria Desjardins, Sean Des Roches, Jillian Kendrick, Beth Lymer

OCEA 4200: Winson Li                                              

ERTH 4100: Nathan Pidduck

Congratulations to Emmaline Atherton and Billy Garrison, CIMEF Scholarship (Canadian Mining Industry Educational Fund) winners for 2015.


February 2015


Congratulations to Shannon Sterling and Isabelle Coutand, whose applications for tenure and promotion have been approved by the President.

Congratulations to Mladen Nedimović, whose application for promotion to Full Professor has been recommended by the Faculty of Science and forwarded to the next level.

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Congratulations to Dr. Catherine Mottram, who has been awarded a Killam Post-doctoral Fellowship to work with D. Grujic and I. Coutand.

Graduate Students:


Undergraduate Students:

Congratulations to Billy Garrison, who will attend the 2015 S-IMEW workshop.

Congratulations to Megan Glenn, who will attend the 2015 SIFT workshop.

Congratulations to Jillian Kendrick who has been awarded an NSERC USRA for summer 2015.

January 2015


Congratulations to Shannon Sterling and Isabelle Coutand, whose applications for tenure and promotion have been recommended by both the Faculty of Science committee and the Dean.

Congratulations to Dr. Marcos Zentilli (Professor Emeritus and Adjunct), who received the Gesner Medal for Distinguished Scientist, the highest honour awarded by the Atlantic Geoscience Society, at its meeting on Jan 30-31.



Graduate Students:

Congratulations to Jocelyn Egan, whose NSERC PGS-D application has made it through the Dalhousie screening process and will be forwarded to NSERC for the next stage of the competition.

Congratulations to Cody Paige (new student to start with J. Gosse in 2015-16) who has been a warded a NS Graduate Scholarship.

Undergraduate Students:

Congratulations to Billy Garrison, who has been nominated by the department for the 2015 S-IMEW workshop.


AGS Award Winners:

Congratulations to the following award winners, and to all other participants from our department.

Best undergraduate student paper - Emmaline Atherton (honours supervisor D. Grujic)

Best graduate student paper - Sharane Simon (PhD supervisor M. Gibling)

Gesner Medal - Marcos Zentilli