2018 Group Shot

Earth Sciences has had a long history at Dalhousie, with the first Geology program established in 1879. Since then, we have grown from a one-man operation to a small but diverse department, with 10 professors and 4 instructors, graduating 10-20 honours students every year.

Supportive learning environment

Our students get to know and support each other pretty well through their small classes, field schools, and the Dawson Geology Society.  There is also a close connection between faculty and students - we know our students’ names and how they are doing. We believe in the importance of hands-on learning, particularly in the field and in the lab, and in the interconnections between teaching and research.

Undergraduate programs

In addition to maintaining a strong core program in traditional fields of geology, our department has embraced the growth of  environmental geoscience by offering courses and collaborative programs in Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Environmental Science, and Ocean Science, and Sustainability. 


Earth Sciences houses a number of research laboratories, some of which operate as regional facilities also used by researchers outside the department. Most of these labs are also used for honours and graduate student teaching and thesis research. Several other facilities operate mainly as support labs for our teaching and research programmes, and offer services to the community at large.

Career opportunities

Our graduates, circle the globe - one litterally, as a NASA payload specialist on the space shuttle. Graduates from our department live and work in every corner of the planet, from the Canadian high arctic to the dusty outback of Australia. Career opportunities with industry, government, and academia can be found in every facet of Earth Sciences.