Senator Expectations

Expectations of Senators and Senate Standing Committee Members

The Senate is the university's senior academic governing body. The Senate is responsible for academic oversight, which includes the approval of new programs, approving the granting of degrees and diplomas, and managing the reviews of Faculties, Centres and Institutes. The Senate assists Dalhousie in achieving its mission and vision and is committed to the best interests of the University and the communities it serves.

As a member of the Dalhousie University Senate or one of its Standing Committees, you are expected to:

a)  Act in good faith and in the best interests of the University, trying to foresee
     probable consequences of each proposed course of action.

b)  Attend and be well-prepared for meetings and engage in these meetings with
     thoughtful consideration, respect and deliberation.

c)  Maintain confidentiality of all information designated as such in all in-camera/closed
     sessions of Senate and meetings of standing committees, disclosing only when

d)  Communicate with your Faculty or constituency about the issues before Senate
     and raise any issues of concern.

e)  Be knowledgeable of the Dalhousie University Senate Constitution and the terms
     of reference for its standing committees, including the jurisdiction and function of
     the Senate.

f)   Understand and respect the distinction between the role and responsibilities of
     the Board of Governors and the Senate.

g)  Be prepared to participate in Senate Standing Committees, Sub-Committees, or
     Work Groups as opportunities and scheduling permits.

Adopted by Senate Planning and Governance Committee
November 20, 2013

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