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Meetings, minutes, and questions

Upcoming meetings


Meeting agendas are posted on this website approximately one week before the meeting date.

Watch the latest Senate meeting

Meeting recordings are posted on our site for one week following each meeting. 

Meeting recording for April 8, 2024

Availability of Senate meeting recordings 

Senate operates in a default mode of openness, considering rights to privacy and confidentiality as necessary limits. Supporting this principle, Senate hybrid meetings are normally open to the public, except for designated in camera (confidential) sessions.

This openness is essential to the proper function of the Senate, the academic mission of the University, and to the role of the academy in a free and democratic civic society.  In support of this transparency, for hybrid meetings, observers can attend the meeting in-person.  In addition, for both Senate hybrid and online meetings, we continue to capture a video recording of the meeting which will be posted to the Senate website for one week following the meeting.  This will provide the university community with unprecedented access to the deliberations of the senior most academic governing body.

Approved Senate minutes

Approved Senate minutes from 1864 to the present can be found online in the university’s digital archive, DalSpace.

View approved Senate minutes on DalSpace