Senator Meeting Procedures Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide basic information on how a meeting is conducted at Senate.  This information is consistent with Robert's Rules of Order, the Senate Constitution 1 and other Senate-approved procedures.

1. Placing items on a Senate meeting Agenda.

2. Motions to be presented to Senate at a meeting.

3. Amendments of a motion at a Senate meeting.

4. Limiting or Extending Limits of Debate

5. Calling of the Question



1 Senate Constitution Item 4. Rules for Procedures for Senate Meetings, Section 4.2. Rules of Order for Senate: Robert's Rules of Order (Da Capo Press 2000, 10th edition, or later edition) shall govern the Senate in all procedural matters not otherwise addressed by this Constitution or approved procedures of the Senate.  If Robert's Rules of Order  do not decide the point in question, then the decision shall rest with the Chair and such decision shall be final.