Senator Question Protocol & Form

Protocol for Questions from Senators between Senate meetings

Approved by Senate: September 26, 2016

The Dalhousie University Senate (“Senate”) and University Administration are committed to open, transparent, respectful and timely communication.

Question Period is a regular element of Senate meeting agendas and is intended to provide senators with the opportunity to seek information on matters within the jurisdiction of Senate. Additionally, senators have opportunities to pose questions at other times during meetings, including questions to the President and Provost following their reports, and of any committee chair or other individual who submits a report or presentation to Senate for information or decision.


Questions from senators arising outside of a Senate meeting should be directed as follows to ensure that these are addressed in a consistent and timely manner and one that acknowledges and respects the time and resources of Senate and University Administration:

  • Questions should be submitted on the form provided on the University Secretariat website (for tracking purposes) and submitted to the Secretary of Senate (or designate) through the University Secretariat.
  • Questions should be concise and addressed to matters that are of interest and concern to Senate as a whole.
  • The Secretary of Senate will review questions submitted with the Chair of Senate (or a Vice‐Chair in the absence of the Chair), to confirm that the question(s) is reasonably a matter of interest to Senate and appropriate for inclusion on a Senate meeting agenda. If so, the Secretary of Senate (or designate), will forward the question to the appropriate individual(s) for response, in consultation with the Chair of Senate, and determine a reasonable timeframe for provision of a response, either at a Senate meeting, or as a written response to be included with meeting  materials.
  • Where questions are submitted at least 10 calendar days prior to the next regular meeting of Senate, efforts will be made to seek a response for the next meeting, taking into account the scheduling of current business of Senate, the availability of both the individual posing the question and the responder(s), and the urgency of the question. In circumstances where it is not reasonable to bring the question(s) to the next meeting of Senate, the matter will be addressed at the next possible meeting.
  • Questions for response will be addressed under “Question Period” (or under the relevant agenda item) and will be dealt with in the order submitted. A verbal response from the relevant individual(s) will be preferred, in order to address any follow‐up questions, and is encouraged to supplement their response in writing.
  • A summary of the questions and responses will be duly noted in the Senate minutes.


Fillable Question Form [PDF]

*Please download the fillable forms to your desktop to enable the fillable fields.