Faculty Academic Integrity Officers

Dr. Nancy Mclean, Assistant Professor (AIO effective Aug 16, 2019)
Email: nancy.mclean@dal.ca

Architecture & Planning
Assistant Professor, James Forren
Email: james.forren@dal.ca

Arts & Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Justin Roberts (effective July 1st, 2016)
Email: justin.roberts@dal.ca

Professor Roberta Barker, Associate Dean Academic (back up AIO)
Email: barkerr@dal.ca

Dr. Frank Harvey, Dean (back up AIO)
Email: fassdean@dal.ca

College of Continuing Education

ESL Instructor Ayesha Mushtaq (AIO)
Email: Ayesha.Mushtaq@dal.ca

Professor Jennifer Macdonald, Head teacher, ESL Program (backup AIO)
Email: JenniferMacdonald@dal.ca

College of Sustainability
Professor Andrew Medeiros, College of Sustainability
Email: andrew.medeiros@dal.ca

Computer Science

Main contact for Computer Science AIO inquiries: fcsaio@dal.ca

Dr. Khurram Aziz, Instructor
Email: kaziz@dal.ca

Dr. Christian Blouin, Associate Professor
Email: cblouin@cs.dal.ca

Dr. Alex Brodsky, Senior Instructor
Email: abrodsky@cs.dal.ca

Dr. Raghav Sampangi, Instructor
Email: raghav@cs.dal.ca

Dr. Angela Siegel, Instructor
Email: siegel@dal.ca

Dr. Debora Matthews (effective July 1st, 2016)
Email: debora.matthews@dal.ca

Dr. Margaret Walsh (AIO effective July 1st, 2018)
Email: mwalsh2@dal.ca

Graduate Studies
Dr. Fiona Black, A/Associate Dean (AIO effective July 1st, 2019)
Email: fiona.black@dal.ca

Dr. Marty Leonard, Dean
Email: marty.leonard@dal.ca

Faculty of Health

Main contact for Faculty of Health AIO inquiries: healthaio@dal.ca

Dr. Catherine Sheffer, School of Nursing
Email: catherine.sheffer@dal.ca

Dr. Judy Macdonald, Associate Professor (on sabbatical 2017-18)
Email: judy.macdonald@dal.ca


Dr. Camille Cameron, Dean of Law, Weldon Professor of Law
Email: lawdean@dal.ca

Dr. Mike Smit, Acting Associate Dean (AIO effective July 2017)
Email: mike.smit@dal.ca

Dr. Vivian Howard, Associate Dean, Academic
Email: vivian.howard@dal.ca

Dr. Dominika Wranik, Associate Professor (AIO effective Sept 2018)
Email: dwl@dal.ca

Dr. Jenny Zhang, Associate Professor (AIO effective Jul 2019)
Email: jenny.zhang@Dal.Ca

Dr. Darrell White
Email: d.white@dal.ca

Dr. Daniel Labrie, Professor
Email: daniel.labrie@dal.ca

University of King's College
Ms. Janet Hathaway (AIO effective April 2nd, 2018)
Email: janet.hathaway@ukings.ca