Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services (IAS) independently provides audit, risk, and consulting services that are objective and designed to improve Dalhousie’s operations.

IAS reports to the Finance, Audit, Investment and Risk (FAIR) Committee of Dalhousie’s Board of Governors. FAIR’s mandate includes:

  • Overseeing the effectiveness of the University's internal control and risk management systems
  • Financial reporting process
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory, and policy requirements

Dalhousie (through FAIR and IAS) provides procedures for confidentially reporting concerns related to financial misconduct so they can be investigated and, where necessary, corrective action taken.  

Dalhousie is committed to maintaining high standards of financial accountability and encourages its employees who have concerns about inappropriate financial activities to report them so they can be investigated and resolved. The university has engaged an external, third-party reporting service that offers a secure website that employees can use to report financial misconduct concerns at Dalhousie in a confidential and anonymous manner.

For more information about the financial misconduct reporting process, please log in to the Internal Audit Services myDal website (Dalhousie-issued username and password required). 


Donna Birmingham
Director, Internal Audit Services
Phone: 902-229-3828