Guaranteed Ride Home

Need a ride home? We'll guarantee one!

Dalhousie is an employee site for the Halifax SmartTrip Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH). GRH is a program offered to employees who commute to work at least three times a week by carpool, vanpool, transit, bike, or walking. It provides those commuters with up to 5 free taxi rides (per year), in the event of a personal emergency or unexpected overtime.

Please review the GRH Employee Q&A [PDF - 69KB] for more information.

For any further questions please contact the onsite GRH coordinator at

Guaranteed Ride Home Participation

To enroll in the Guaranteed Ride Home program


Complete this form and email it to Once you have been registered a taxi chit will be sent to you through interdepartmental mail.

Or visit us at the address below to fill out your registration form and recieve your first chit in person.

Dalhousie University Central Services Building
5th floor, Room 512, 1236 Henry St., Halifax, NS,
Canada, B3J 1B6

To use your Guaranteed Ride Home taxi voucher


1. Taxi vouchers can be used in the event of an approved emergency

Approved emergency is defined as:

  • Personal or family emergency (such as fire, breakin, water main break);
  • Personal or family illness (such as sick or injured child);
  • Required unscheduled, mandatory overtime;
  • Carpool partner’s emergency, illness, or unscheduled overtime.

2. After using your taxi voucher, please fill out the Usage Report section of the voucher and return it to the GRH Coordinator, through interdepartmental mail or email.

3. A new taxi voucher will be sent to you through interdepartmental mail in 5-10 business days.