Bike Rooms

Secure Parking Areas



Secure Parking Areas (SPAs) are secure rooms which provide peace of mind for users. Each room has bike racks, potentially lockers, and connected or near-by shower/bathroom facilities. Each SPA provides students, staff or faculty who commute regularly by bicycle, to this facility, with an extra level of security when parking their bicycles. To gain access to these facilities you must have swipe card access to the SPA space which is granted by the building administrator. Below if a list of building administrators, please contact if you need additional information.




Contact Person

Ocean Sciences Dan Jackson
Mona Campbell

Scott MacPhee (

LeMarchant Place

Scott MacPhee (

Life Sciences Research Institute Paul Bourgeois
IDEA Building

Scott MacPhee (

Dalplex Kathie Wheadon
CHEB Janice Slaunwhite
Studely Bike Centre Dal Bike Centre