Abandoned Bikes

Abandoned Bike Policy


Throughout the year, Dalhousie University faces issues with lost, forgotten, abandoned, vandalized, and stolen bicycles on its property. Campus bicycle parking facilities are limited and designed for temporary parking of bicycles in active use, and not for long-term storage. Abandoned bicycles reduce the number of parking spaces available to active cyclists and can cause safety, accessibility, and aesthetic issues.


Dalhousie University will remove from its property any bicycle considered to be an abandoned bicycle in order to maintain adequate, safe, and accessible bicycle parking. An abandoned bike is defined as a bicycle, bicycle parts, bicycle lock(s) or any bicycle related object(s) affixed to designated bicycle parking facilities on Dalhousie University property; and a bicycle that meets the following criteria is:


a. A bicycle found under circumstances which reasonably indicate that it has been abandoned (e.g., it appears to be inoperable and/or it does not appear to have been moved for an extended period of time); or


b. A bicycle which has been tagged by attaching a notice of impoundment to it, for at least 15 days, and which remains unclaimed by the owner.


All removed bicycles will remain in storage for a period of 30 days, during which time they  may be claimed by their owner. Should a bicycle not be claimed within the 30 days allotted, Dalhousie University will donate or recycle the bicycle.  


As of September 2019, Dalhousie is holding bikes collected in July 2019. If your bike was collected please contact rethink@dal.ca.