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Waste Education Online Module


Welcome to the Waste Management Online Module

Thank you for visiting our page to improve your waste sorting skills and make Dalhousie a more sustainable community. Currently the garbage stream at Dalhousie is 40-70% contaminated, and we are ready for this to change! Learn about what Dalhousie is doing to make waste sorting easier for you, and develop the skills and confidence necessary to make reduce, reuse, recycle second nature.

Watch the Waste Sorting Video below and review our Waste Management Guide. Then test your knowledge with the sorting game and quiz, and be entered to win a prize. Show off your skills at campus sorting stations and set an example of what it means to be a sustainable Dal citizen.

Waste Management Guide [4.8 - KB]

Waste Education at Dalhousie Video

Test Your Knowledge

Ready to test your knowledge? Take our quiz and see how you do!

Dalhousie Waste Quiz