All students living within Dalhousie residences!

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Halifax Campuses:


LeMarchant Place

Centrally located on the Studley campus, and within a short walk of the Killam library, the Dalplex, and numerous academic buildings, Dal's newest residence, built in 2014, can accommodate 326 students in a mix of fully furnished single rooms (with shared adjoining bathrooms) and two, three and four-bedroom suites. 

Risley Hall

Built in 2004 and with a capacity of 490 students, Risley Hall is steps away from a bus line and is centrally located on campus. With modern air, heating, plumbing, each room containing a sink, and a cafeteria on the ground floor, Risley will be an interesting study in water and energy usage.

Howe Hall

Howe Hall is one of the original Dal residences, but it has had additions built on as recently as 2002. Howe Hall is the largest residence on campus with 716 students (many of which are first years). With a dining hall, over a dozen washers and dryers, and lots of common rooms and open spaces, Howe Hall is a big water and energy user with a lot of potential for improvement.

Shirreff Hall/Mini Rez and Residence Houses

Also one of the original Dal residences, Shirreff used to be an all girls residence. It has 440 students, a large dining hall, and features many double rooms (as opposed to the more common single rooms campus-wide).

DeMille House is on Seymour Street and Lyall House and Colpitt House are through the back courtyard on Henry Street. The courtyard is shared with the Residence Houses on Henry Street.

Gerard Hall

Gerard is also on the downtown Sexton Campus; it is fairly new and is twelve stories tall. With 240 students, laundry facilities, and common rooms, Gerard is a medium sized residence. As with the other Sexton residence, it will be interesting to see how Gerard performs in comparison with the central residences. 

Agricultural Campus:


Chapman House

Chapman House provides a co-educational home to 125 of our male and female students. Each floor is equipped with common bathroom and shower facilities. A game room, a TV room, laundry facilities and a small kitchenette are located on the ground floor.  Phone, cable and wireless internet are available in each student room.

Fraser House

Fraser House is home to 100 male and female students. There are quiet sections and same sex sections throughout the house. There is a main lobby, a TV lounge with a new flat screen TV, a games area, laundry facilities, and a small kitchenette which are all available for student use.  Phone, cable and wireless internet are available in each room.

Trueman House

Although it is the oldest and the smallest residence building on the campus, Trueman House is known for its calm and welcoming atmosphere, its BIG heart, and its overwhelming school spirit.

Participating Universities

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