Dalhousie University Residence Ecolympics

Ecolympics 2022 will take place from February 7th - 20th.

The annual Ecolympics competition is hosted by Dalhousie University’s Dal Residence Life and the Office of Sustainability to help reduce energy and water consumption in residences through competition and education. Before the competition begins, energy and water consumption baselines are determined for all participating residences.

During the two-week competition each residence is challenged to decrease their energy and water consumption and take other sustainable actions. Throughout the two weeks of the Ecolympics, sustainability will be promoted around the campus in order to educate and inform participants and campus members. The winning residence will be determined by water and energy reduction levels, verified through metering. Student participation is also measured during Ecolympics-related events, weighted by total residence population. On campus sustainability commitments will also be collected during the two week competition. The winning residence for HFX and AC campuses gets to take home the residence trophy.

Overall goals of Dalhousie University’s Ecolympics:

  • Have an engaging and competitive residence wide energy and water consumption competition;
  • Raise awareness of sustainability initiatives at Dalhousie;
  • Have the competition influence an adoption of more sustainable lifestyle choices;
  • Reduce Dalhousie’s carbon footprint.

2020 Winners

  • All Campuses Electricity Winner - Shirreff Hall (7% reduction against the baseline)
  • Halifax campuses Water Winner – Risley Hall (3% reduction against the baseline)
  • All Campuses Heat Winner - Gerard Hall (7% reduction against the baseline)
  • Overall 2019 Ecolympics Winner - Fraser House (5% reduction against baseline)