Dalhousie has a number of water initiatives underway including:

  • Reducing water consumption  - The University has completed many water efficiency projects such as adding sensors to older urinal tanks, installing low flow fixtures and toilets for new and existing buildings, adding rain water cisterns in new buildings, and retrofitting large research water units to recycle water (Aquatron). Upcoming projects are focusing on reducing water used for cooling equipment and air in research.
  • Supporting reduction of bottled water through activities such as passing of Water Pledge and installing new water fountains that have easy access for reusable bottles.
  • Enhancing monitoring by adding pulse duplicators to building water meters to feed near time data back to building automation system to diagnose problems and track savings. 

Dalhousie has an Energy and Green Building Plan highlighting baseline information, key goals, past and future strategies and performance targets. Under the University Sustainability Policy specific energy and climate policy requirements are outlined. Utility Master planning, auditing, ongoing building performance tracking and projects are ongoing. The University has an Energy Committee that meets regularly to assess and develop new programs. In any given year, 10 or more energy and climate projects are in the planning or implementation stages.