Dalhousie University aims to reduce and divert solid, liquid, and hazardous waste from the landfill. A formal University Waste Management Plan [PDF - 589KB] has been created to guide future actions. For a summary of 'What Goes Where", review the Dalhousie Waste Management Guide [PDF - 58KB]

Dalhousie tracks material stream categories diversion in the following categories:

  1. Paper and cardboard;
  2. Organic (e.g. food, yard, farm);
  3. Recyclables (e.g. plastic, glass, metal);
  4. Construction and demolition;
  5. Hazardous (nine classes);
  6. Universal: products with some toxins such as electronic waste and batteries;
  7. Composite and miscellaneous waste.

For a more detailed description of the nine materials streams view Materials Categorization Guide [PDF -  562KB]. For additional details on Dalhousie waste management program, auditing procedures, waste audits, and the ICI manual, see publications and plans.