Natural Environment

Dalhousie University’s natural environment is made up of university owned trees, shrubs, lawns, ornamental gardens, food gardens, green roofs, naturalized areas, stormwater recharge areas, and turf.  

At 32-hectares in area, the three Halifax campuses are home to a mixture of native plant species representing some 115 species of woody plants, trees, and shrubs. Despite the pressures of a dense urban environment, the campus natural environment boasts over 1000 trees and 1000 shrubs, green roofs, rain gardens, and one of the oldest trees in Halifax.

The Agriculture Campus (AC), located in the Village of Bible Hill, is located in an area with a rich history of agricultural production. The AC campus has many hectares of open space punctuated by gardens, naturalized areas,  recreation areas, and over 100 species of plants.

To guide the management of campus landscapes, Dalhousie has approved a Natural Environment Guideline Document [PDF - 3.6MB] and a Natural Environment Plan [PDF - 23.2 MB] that outline standards for the management of the campus natural environment, including a diameter tree replacement policy, approved plant lists, and standards for stormwater management.