New Construction

In 2010 Dalhousie passed a Green Building Policy that states all new buildings over 10,000 square feet should aim for LEED® Gold Certified, or higher. Some buildings started the planning process before or during 2010, in some of these cases LEED® Silver was achieved. Each building has unique green features including a self-guided green building signs, bubble deck, solar wall, solar thermal, rain water cistern, green roof, Optinet sensors, LED lighting, electric car charge station, chilled beam cooling, and permeable pavement. 

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EMERA IDEA Bld. and the Richard Murray Design Bld. (2018) 

LEED® Gold Candidate buildings striving to reach LEED® Platinum in the final certification process

Fitness Centre (2018)

LEED® Gold Certified

Wallace McCain Learning Commons (2016)


LEED® Silver Certified

Collaborative Health Education Building (2015)

LEED® Gold Candidate

LeMarchant Place  (2014)

LEED® Gold Certified

Steele Ocean Sciences Building (2012)

LEED® Silver Certified

Life Sciences Research Institute (2011) 

LEED® Silver Certified

Mona Campbell Building (2010)

LEED® Gold Certified