Existing Building Upgrades

Dalhousie is improving the energy and water efficiency of existing buildings through annual facilities renewal projects, specific sustainability projects, and deep whole building retrofits. In the last decade, many projects have been completed including:

- campus-wide lighting and water fixture upgrades
- solar installations
- house energy retrofits
- HVAC upgrades
- commercial kitchen upgrades
- compressed air leakage audits and remediation
- high efficiency pumping
- building controls setbacks
- recommissioning
- urinal tank sensor retrofits
- active transportation infrastructure upgrades
- full building deep retrofits
- storm water retention such as permeable pavement

Dalhousie has two district energy systems (DE) that connect over 95% of our built environment. Upgrades have included converting the DE system from steam to hot water at two campuses and upgrading the biomass boiler at the Agricultural campus to a biomass co-generation system with a biomass thermal oil heater and Organic Rankine Cycle turbine.

Deep Building Retrofit Example

Tupper Building

(Completed 2018)

Future Sustinability Projects

A number of projects are in the planning and implementation phase including upgrading more of the steam systems to hot water, implementing more whole building deep retrofits, adding more solar pv, reducing once through water cooling, optimizing building controls and DE systems, making major Halifax Central heating plant upgrades, equipment upgrades and more.