The Lord Dalhousie Panel was formed following meetings between the Dalhousie Black Faculty and Staff Caucus and Dalhousie’s 11th President, Dr. Richard Florizone. The group identified a need to better understand the history of the university with regard to race and slavery. It was important to look back in order to move forward.

Diversity and inclusiveness are values that we aspire to at Dalhousie. While Lord Dalhousie envisioned a college with access for all – a radical view for its time – his documented views on race are of great concern.

The panel was tasked by Dalhousie President, Dr. Richard Florizone and Chair of Senate, Dr. Kevin Hewitt "to gather the historical facts regarding Lord Dalhousie’s statements and actions related to slavery and race… then interpret those facts in light of their past and present contexts, and recommend actions Dalhousie could take to respond to them."

The commemoration of Dalhousie’s bicentennial year also informed the Lord Dalhousie Panel. What did it mean to celebrate 200 years of existence in the context of racism, anti-Blackness, and knowledge about the founder's view and actions toward people of African descent?

Read the Terms of Reference for the Lord Dalhousie Panel.