Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to choose Physics and Atmospheric Sciences at Dal:

  1. Discover answers to key questions: Is our planet undergoing severe climate change? Or is it just suffering a “glitch”?
  2. Develop new technologies: Help improve people’s lives—from flat screen televisions to medical imaging instruments.
  3. Take the certificate in Information Technology in Physics: Increase your opportunities for success in Physics courses and in the job market.
  4. Join the Dalhousie Undergraduate Physics Society (DUPS): Attend social events or make new friends in the DUPS lounge.
  5. Get a better understanding of the other sciences, from environmental science to space science.
  6. Participate in the Physics Department's mentoring program: Get helpful advice from faculty and upper-level students on how to plan for a rewarding career.
  7. Attend seminars presented by top scholars from institutions around the world: Learn how stars formed in the early universe, or about the latest sustainable energy solutions.

What will I learn?

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Labs and tutorials will expand on classroom lectures by giving you hands-on insights. And you can get even more hands-on knowledge by doing a co-op degree in Physics.

What can I do?

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With a degree in physics, you could work as a researcher, either for the government or in the private sector. Or you might stay in academia and become a professor, like one Dal Physics alumnus.